Mahamudra Tantra Retreat

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Mahamudra Tantra introduces a new world of meditation. It explains how we can use our imagination as a powerful tool in our spiritual practice – Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word that means union of bliss and emptiness, the very essence of Buddhist Tantric meditation.

We have the rare and precious opportunity to engage in a special retreat, right here at our own Center. Mahamudra is a mind of spontaneous great bliss that realizes emptiness directly, and is the actual swift path to enlightenment. By generating this mind we discover a new world of meditation that will make our life truly meaningful. We will learn to do this by meditating on the clear nature of our own mind. With SMC Resident Teacher Kelsang Pawo

$10 Introduction | $40 – Entire Retreat | $15 – Per Day | $5 – Per Session | Free for members

You are welcome to attend one session, one day, or as many sessions as you are able.

please feel free to contact us for more information